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Gino's Neighborhood Archives for 2012-05

Mark Wahlberg in his undies......again.

My kind of candidate!!!!

A 34-year-old congressional candidate in Mexico felt like her campaign wasn't going well, so she decided to POSE TOPLESS for billboards. They show her and six female supporters topless, with their arms covering their breasts. She says the billboards are supposed to be a wake-up call, and she's not worried about losing conservative voters . . . because they were never going to support her anyway.


Miley Cirus Showing a liiiiittle too much Cleavage at the Billboard Awards

Rihanna with Alligator Skin Boobs

RIHANNA found a new way to go topless and get away with it. While filming the video for "Where Have You Been", she covered her nipples in ALLIGATOR HIDE.



--That's not the only part of her body with alligator skin on it. She's apparently playing some kind of swamp creature

Marky Mark in his undies...I'm thinking on purpose

What's worse? The story or the picture that goes along with it!!!??

44-year-old Patricia Krentcil is one of the TANNEST WOMEN we've ever seen. She lives in New Jersey of course . . . Nutley, New Jersey. To try to describe her, I'd say it looks like a blonde woman who went swimming in a pool of chocolate.



--And she was recently arrested and charged with child endangerment when her five-year-old daughter showed up to school with a SUNBURN . . . and told her friends that she, quote, "went tanning with mommy."



--Patricia says she didn't take her five-year-old with her into a tanning booth . . . but did take her to the tanning salon. Quote, "I tan, she doesn't tan. I'm in the booth, she's in the room. There's tons of moms that bring their children in."



--She says her daughter got that sunburn from actually playing out in the sun.



--Patricia is currently out on bail. Now make sure to head to our website to gasp at her insanely tan photo.




Miley Cyrus is TOOOOOO skinny



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