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Gino's Neighborhood Archives for 2012-10

Real Men Wear Make-Up!


Jon HammFrederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Thought only women in Hollywood suffer from the occasional makeup mishap?

Well, think again.

Because Jon Hamm hit the red carpet for the The Paley Center for Media's Annual Los Angeles Benefit Monday night looking more like a hot mess and less like the dapper Don Draper.

Jon Hamm's has never won an Emmy for Mad Men—find out why

Despite the handsome actor's gorgeous grin and spot-on fashion, all eyes were on the white powder makeup on Hamm's nose that he was seemingly oblivious to as he posed for the paps.

The Mad Men star is hardly the first celeb to fall victim to the white powder makeup mishap (Nicole KidmanUma Thurman andAshley Judd can all relate), but he certainly is one of the few males to have the oops caught on camera.

Oh well! We still think the hunky actor looks hot despite the red carpet catastrophe.

Just remember, Jon, HD lighting isn't just a woman's enemy.



If your boss gives you a HUGE SMILE every time you pass each other in the hallway, it's NOT a good thing. A new study found that bosses give the biggest smiles to the people they view as LEAST POWERFUL. The researchers think it's because the smiles are condescending, like the boss is throwing a bone to a lower-status employee because the boss feels so much BETTER than them.


On Thursday, a baby was born at 1:14 P.M. in Iowa. Which doesn't sound like national news until you look at the numbers. It was an 8-pound, 9-ounce baby, born on 10/11/12 at 13:14. Yeah, you have to use military time to turn 1:14 P.M. into 13:14 . . . but we're willing to make that stretch.

Are you the average Tweeter?

Based on what I see on Twitter, the average user is a company that spams links to diet pills and Eastern European porn sites. But a consulting firm called Beevolve found differently.



--They analyzed millions of Twitter accounts around the world, and came up with the profile of the most average person on Twitter. Here's what they found:



--The average Twitter user is a woman.


--She's 28 years old.


--She lives in the U.S.


--She likes the color purple. (--The actual color, not the Steven Spielberg movie with Oprah. They figured that out based on the color people choose as the background on their Twitter page.)


--She uses an iPhone.


--And she has 208 followers.



(Daily Mail)

What about "over easy"????

How do you like your eggs? Scrambled? Fried? Hard-boiled? Be honest . . . because we're about to use that information to figure out your personality.



--A ridiculous study out of England has matched up personality traits, lifestyle choices, and even SEXUAL preferences with how people like their eggs. Sounds like a good use of funds. Here's what they found . . .



--Poached eggs. Means you're outgoing and happier than most people. You wear loud clothing and prefer upbeat music.



--Hard-boiled eggs. You're disorganized and most likely to get divorced.



--Fried eggs. Everything about you is SEXUAL. You're better informed about sex, have broader sexual experience, and a stronger sex drive.



--Scrambled eggs. You're guarded and shy. You're also the most likely not to have children.



--Omelets. You have lots of self-discipline. You're reliable, organized, and have a clean home. You're also least likely to get divorced.



(Daily Mail / British Egg Industry Council)

Can you take me back to 7th grade?

Time travel seems like one of those things that only exists in movies . . . along with teleportation, UFOs, and KRISTEN STEWART saying something interesting.



--But it's NOT. The consensus among scientists is that yes, time travel IS possible . . . according to the laws of physics. At least time travel FORWARD could happen. They still aren't sure how you'd time travel backwards.



--Edward Farhi is the director of the Center for Theoretical Physics at MIT. He says, quote, "There's no question that you can skip into the future. It's actually consistent with the laws of physics."



--To travel forward, you need to be in a vehicle traveling several hundred thousand miles per hour. Then you'd be moving faster than everyone else on Earth, experiencing the passage of time in a different way. It's complicated: Think Einstein's theory of relativity.



--Farhi says to travel backwards, you'd need energy that's as powerful as half the mass in the entire UNIVERSE. And you'd actually destroy the universe in the process.



--Of course this is all VERY theoretical and it doesn't seem like anyone's really trying to do work on building a super-fast vehicle for time travel. But it COULD happen.





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