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Gino's Neighborhood Archives for 2013-08


Yesterday, during a discussion on the website, both men and women talked about the things they HATE the most during sex.  Here are the top seven results for both . . .



The Seven Things Women Hate the Most . . .



1.  Men who are too aggressive and forceful with their hands down below.


2.  Long fingernails.


3.  Hearing, "Are you close?" over and over.


4.  A guy mentioning something another woman did that he liked.


5.  Rushing through foreplay.


6.  Changing positions without mentioning it first . . . when the first position is working.


7.  Men lasting TOO LONG . . . after 20 minutes or so, there's more SORENESS than enjoyment.



The Seven Things Men Hate the Most . . .



1.  The "dead fish" . . . when a woman just lies there, almost motionless, and almost silent.


2.  Having to be the one who initiates it every single time.


3.  A woman rubbing down below like she's trying to start a fire.


4.  Fake porn moans and awkward dirty talk.  Both moans and dirty talk should feel NATURAL.


5.  Overly aggressive scratching.


6.  Hearing, "Are you close?" over and over.


7.  Consistently bad smells down below.  Once in a while can happen, but if the same woman has the same problem every time, it's an issue.



(Reddit / Reddit)

Which are more dangerous: FLIP FLOPS OR HEELS?

Flip Flops Are More Dangerous to Drive in Than Heels . . . and One in Nine People Have Gotten One Stuck Under a Pedal


According to a new survey, wearing FLIP FLOPS is one of the most dangerous things you can do behind the wheel of a car.



More than half of people admit it's a struggle to drive in them, and 11% have gotten a flip flop got STUCK under one of the pedals.



But 33% of people STILL drive in flip flops . . . even though it takes about a tenth of a second longer to hit the brakes, on average.  And moving your foot between the pedals takes twice as long in flip flops compared to high heels.



Here are the five most-dangerous types of footwear to drive in.



1.  Flip flops.  51% of drivers said they're hard to drive in.


2.  Bare feet, 49%


3.  Heels, 38%


4.  Flats, 25%


5.  Sandals OTHER than flip flops, 18%



(Daily Mail / Mirror)




28% of Women Would Date a Guy Who's Ugly But Funny . . . 36% Wouldn't


It's an age-old question about dating:  Women SAY a sense of humor matters, but if that great sense of humor is coming out of a guy who looks like an acne-covered gargoyle, is he still datable?



According to a new survey, 28% of women say YES . . . they'd date a guy if he was funny, even if he wasn't good looking.  36% of women say no, you have to be funny AND handsome.





Hey Honey, your friend is hot too!

The Average Married Man Is Secretly Attracted to at Least Three Women in His Life


 You know how every time you're heading out with friends, your husband casually asks if a certain one of them is going to be there?  Probably the most attractive one?



According to a new survey, the average man who's married or in a serious relationship has at least THREE women in his life he's secretly very attracted to.  Not that he'd act on it.  Probably.



40% of men are secretly attracted to one of their wife's friends . . . 25% are secretly attracted to a coworker . . . 20% are secretly attracted to one of their friends' wives or girlfriends . . . and 10% are secretly attracted to one of the neighbors.



The survey also found 43% of men in relationships will sometimes flirt with other women . . . and 10% do it regularly. 



(FemaleFirst / Deccan Chronicle)


YOU Don't Need It....But They Make us THINK We Do!

The reason marketing is a multibillion-dollar industry, is because when people are good at it, they do an amazing job making us SHEEPLE believe we NEED stuff we totally don't need.



Here's a new list from of six totally unnecessary products that have been marketed SO WELL, we all think they're a necessity.  Check 'em out . . .



1. The iPad.  And the concept of the 'tablet' in general.  You can't make a phone call, and you can't do the stuff you need your laptop for.


2.  Birthday cards.  You spend five bucks on something the other person throws away almost immediately.


3.  Engagement rings . . . and really, diamonds altogether.  Marriages already HAD the ring thing sewn up.  They're called WEDDING RINGS.


4.  Flowers.  Mainly because of the overpriced flowers that murder guys and their wallets on Valentine's Day.  But think about it . . . it's not even a plant that'll last.  They get thrown out before the end of the week. 


5.  Feminine "cleansing" products.  Yes, we're talking about douches, douches.  They actually cause more problems than they solve.


6.  Bottled water.




How Many Licks?

A Guy Actually Figured Out How Many Licks It Takes to Get to the Center of a Tootsie Pop


Remember the old Tootsie Roll Pop commercials:  "How many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a Tootsie Pop?"  Well, someone FINALLY figured it out.



There's a guy who actually licked one side of a Tootsie Roll Pop over and over, and kept track of how many licks it took him to get to the center.  And the answer is . . . 850.  Now you know.






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