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Rihanna has a NEW REMIX with Flo Rida for WE FOUND LOVE. peep it.



Kanye West


Before Kanye West was a ‘College Dropout,’ he was a young teenager rapping on the scene with a gangsta lean. Although urban legend has it that the Chicago native was a ferocious MC when he was a youngster, we haven’t bear witness to his earlier years of him spitting rhymes on the mic.

Someone went digging around on YouTube and found an old video of a 19-year-old West rapping onstage at a Chicago-area club. The clip, which was uploaded in 2010, features Yeezy and a local rapper named Phenom sharing the stage at the Double Door venue in 1996. The video features a confident West reciting rapid-fire punchlines and repeating the late Ol’ Dirty Bastard line, “I’ve never been tookin’ out / I keep MCs lookin’ out.”

It’s evident that Yeezy had a lot of chutzpah and stage presence as a young rapper. Even back then, he felt highly of himself. “Kanye 9-6 y’all / The divine one / The fine one / Whatever, the dime one,” West raps before closing out his set.


peep the vidio by going to YOUTUBE.COM & searching:"Phenom and Kanye West"



Kanye West Fan Tattoo

Apparently Drake isn’t the only one with a fan willing to forever alter her body in the name of the man she loves.Kanye West‘s stalker — ahem– superfan Kanyeresa West has upped the ante with a Kanye tattoo that’s designed to get the attention of “the man she really loves.” And, oh yeah, did we mention it’s on her behind?

Kanyeresa legally changed her name from Lindaresa after she found out she couldn’t legally change her name to Kanye West. “Using that name started to be hard because it’s legally his name,” she told a Chicago radio station in an interviewWow, really? She has the name ‘Kanye’ tattooed down her right arm, and has now decided to take her love even further.

Apparently, if you want to see the tattoo, you can look no further than the cover of her book, but it might take some searching. Somehow, we just don’t see Barnes & Noble rushing to get that on their shelves. Kanyeresa’s other stunts include riding the Chicago Subway in a wedding dress (how Dickensian!), and just for the record, she no longer has beef with Amber Rose.

“Kanye likes people who is [sic] completely into him,” she explained. You’re not wrong there, Mrs. Kanye, but Yeezy just might be a tad busy right now, what with his DONDA launch. Maybe Kanyeresa would do better to get a Ye tat on her forehead.



Jay-Z Beyonce


If there’s one set of new parents who can afford to buy their own baby gifts, it’s Beyonce and Jay-Z. However, so many well-intentioned fans and friends have been sending them presents for daughter Blue Ivy, they’ve decided to donate nearly all of them to charity.

The Daily Star (via Contact Music) quotes an insider who says, “They’ve been sent literally hundreds of gifts in the past few days. Oprah Winfrey gave a huge trunk of children’s books and others like DiddyKanye WestRihanna andMariah Carey have all been sending luxurious baby treats.”

The source continues, “Jay-Z and Beyonce have decided to donate a massive selection of the presents to local charities for young mothers. They’ve already got the most precious gift — their new baby daughter — so they want to help out other parents who haven’t been as fortunate.”

The youngest person ever to chart on Billboard, Blue Ivy is now the owner of one expensive item her parents decided not to donate. The source explains, “A close friend of theirs in the music industry gave them a diamond-encrusted Cartier dummy — it must have cost $20,000. Blue has officially got her first piece of bling!”




Rihanna, Chris Brown


It’s been nearly three years since Chris Brown laid into Rihanna just before the Grammys, causing a very messy and very public break-up. But according to sources, the ‘Rude Boy’ songstress still hasn’t let go of her first love.

In fact, the source alleges that Rihanna feels if she can’t be happy, Breezy shouldn’t be happy either. “She’s trying to break up Chris and his girlfriend, Karrueche [Tran],” the unnamed source reports to Life and Style. “Chris is happy, but Rihanna keeps playing her games to make trouble. It’s become an issue.”

Rumor has it that Rihanna is pulling out all the stops to get Chris to notice her, even showing up wherever he is and ‘secretly’ spouting her love for him all over Twitter. “Not only has she initiated a Twitter conversation with Chris for all to see, but she has gone to see him,” the insider claims. “She stopped by his studio recently — twice. She’s also calling and texting him a lot. She won’t let go.”

Of course, take all of this with a grain of salt, as apparently the ‘source’ is a friend of Chris Brown, making their claims fairly one-sided. From what we can tell, Rihanna has taken her public misfortune and spun it into music gold — and when she’s not rocking No. 1 singles, she’s party hopping all over the globe. We’d say she’s doing just fine on her own.



Katy Perry, Tim Tebow


Now that Katy Perry‘s single, she’s probably ready to mingle … Or so her parents think. Rumor has it that good ol’ Keith and Mary Hudson are looking to set their daughter up with none other than the world’s favorite quarterback, Tim Tebow.

The ‘I Kissed a Girl’ hitmaker hails from a very Christian background, and Tebow has made it fairly clear that he too is as religious as they come, so we can see how Mr. and Mrs. Hudson would come to the conclusion that they’re a match made in, well, heaven.

Katy’s not even officially divorced from Russell Brand yet, but according to OK! Magazine, her parents are hoping to set up a meeting at their church between her and the Denver Broncos football stud. “[Katy's] mentioned on more than one occasion how much she likes Tim,” an unnamed source dished. “Katy’s mom firmly believes the best cure for heartache is to quickly fall in love again … In her mind, Tebow is the perfect guy for her daughter. He’s handsome, charming, intelligent and above all, a good Christian.”

So, essentially, he’s Brand’s polar opposite — just kidding. Katy’s rents ever so slyly scheduled their songstress daughter to come and perform at her hometown Huntington Beach, Calif. church … Around the same time that they’ve booked Tebow to speak, allegedly. Surely, this is not just a ploy to use entertainment media to furtherpromote their church.

Will the ‘Teenage Dream’ singer be ready to strike a match on a new flame so quickly? We doubt it, but only time — and Tebow — will tell.

50 Cent sounds like his 2012 is starting off badly so far.


50 Cent: 'I Don't Think I'm Gonna Live Much Longer'

Rapper tweets that he has lost faith, will not promote music

Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson attends the XXL Magazine Year End issue release party at Webster Hall in New York.
Johnny Nunez/WireImage

Judging by his recent comments on Twitter, rapper 50 Cent is not feeling optimistic. "I don't think I'm gonna live much longer," he wrote during a series of tweets that began yesterday. Earlier today, he clarified the remark: "To be conscious that life is short is not suicidal," he wrote. "I'm good if I die tonight."

The rapper also claimed that he has "lost all the faith in the team I'm on. I have nothing left to say. I will not be promoting my music." The comment comes after months of discord between the artist and Interscope Records, who are expecting the delivery of his next album. Last month, 50 Cent released the self-produced mixtape The Big 10, marking the 10-year anniversary of 50 Cent Is the Future.

If he's disillusioned with the music industry, he has plenty to keep himself busy. Most recently, 50 has been concentrating on promoting Street King, his new energy drink, proceeds of which are earmarked to fight world hunger. At an event last month for the launch of his new line of headphones, 50 Cent talked to Rolling Stone about signing Jersey Shore's Pauly D to G-Note Records. 



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